ICOSPA (International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations) has been founded since 1960s by the associations from France, Germany, The UK, The USA and Japan, which the associations from Holland and China have joined afterwards.

CCMI applied to be a membership in 2011, an associate membership since 2012, and a membership in 2014.

President of ICOSPA is assigned on the rotating system, and will be in charge of the ICOSPA work for three years.

The President council must be taken place every year, during which the economy development, policy of the industry, materials supply & market information and etc. will be presented by each of the national associations. The experience of young generation training, the operation related to association and plant tour will be arranged normally.

In the three years, ICOSPA congress must be organized and held, and abundant information concerning technology/process, national economy, equipment development, management, market and etc. will be submitted by the associations.

ICOSPA warmly welcome you, the colleagues in sheet metal presswork, join us.

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