Dear Colleagues around the World,

With much anticipation and excitement, I am looking forward to opening of the 19th ICOSPA Congress to be held in Suzhou, China! On behalf of CCMI and Chinese sheet metal forming industry, I am very pleased to invite you to take part in the event!

Sheet metal forming industry, involved in a wide range of and great influence on manufacturing, is one of the largest basic metal processing/working industries. With more varieties of unstable batch of products, designing and manufacturing customized and personalized products kept has become a good market strategy in sheet metal forming industry, when it came into being.

Chinese sheet metal forming industry has achieved great advances in the last thirty years. Especially, the development and success of automotive, electronic & electrical appliances and information industry in China has brought great opportunities to our sheet metal forming industry, which promotes the progress and prosperity of the industry.

19th ICOSPA Congress will focus on transform & upgrade, communication way,and discussion of and looking for the future, under the conditions of Cyber-Physical Systems (IOT) and Big Data.

We have done a lot of preparations for this congress. The congress will present the latest experiences and achievements in the global sheet metal forming industry, such as technology & process, equipment, tooling and business administration etc. Meanwhile, plant tours and fantastic social activities have been arranged during the congress. I am sure if you expect to well know Chinese sheet metal forming industry, and understand exactly the development trend of the world’s sheet metal forming industry, please participate in the 19th ICOSPA Congress, held in Sep. 19-22, in Suzhou, China.

Let us conduct wide spread exchanges and cooperation to create a better and more prosperous future!

Sincerely thank to all of you and I am fully expecting to see you in the pretty historic city Suzhou, next golden autumn!


Tan, Weiguang
Chairman, 19th ICOSPA Congress
President, ICOSPA

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

19th ICOSPA Congress for the first time held in China, which will certainly promote the progress of Chinese sheet metal forming industry, and will bring a great impact on the development and growth of the world’s sheet metal forming industry.

The modern sheet metal forming industry in China, gotten off the ground in the 1950s, and shaped in the 1980s, has been developed in recent decades. There is little communication in sheet metal forming between China and abroad until 2005. After nearly ten years of continuous and unremitting efforts, CCMI has not only established a stable relationship between China and world’s sheet metal forming industry, but also pushed Chinese metal forming industry going towards the world gradually!

No matter in China or the global sheet metal forming industry, there are still many problems existed waiting for solving and resolving. Unfortunately, the problems existed has not been settled completely, which may be replaced by the new ones, that has been brought out and troubled of us. It is the fact, in the moment, how we adapt to the huge changes and rapid development of this era. Where we go? Let us be filled with enthusiasm to participate in this congress, and seek our cooperation and find the answers or solutions expected.

Our team is ready for the meeting! Your appearance and presence is the greatest affirmation to and the best reward for our efforts, and will bring the tremendous pleasant surprise to us as well!

With best wishes!

Zhang, Jin
Executive Chairman, 19th ICOSPA Congress
Executive President, ICOSPA
General Secretary, Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry

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