Briefing of ICOSPA Congress 2017

19th ICOSPA Congress will be held from19-22, September, 2017 in Suzhou, China,.

Suzhou, in Southeast of Jiangsu Province and the central section of the Yangtze River Delta, is located at east of Shanghai , south of Jiaxing, west of Taihu Lake, noth of Yangtze River. The Suzhou, with monsoon climate, has four distinct seasons and plenty of rain. Suzhou is one of 24 historic and cultural cities in China, which is the Cradle of China’s Wu Culture. Suzhou, founded from 514 BC, is an ancient city with 2500 years’ history. The Gardens in Suzhou are regarded as the embodiment of private gardens in China and named as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Theme – Where We Go!

19th ICOSPA Congress will be held in China in 2017, which express tremendous changes happened in Chinese sheet metal processing industry (Stamping & Fabricating) in the past few years. It not only promoted Chinese manufacturing industry to be developed heavily, but also has made more and more impact to the worlds’ sheet metal processing and manufacturing industry. The Chinese sheet metal processing industry has experienced a development which is growing out of nothing and from small to big. Up to now, we are in an era from weak to strong.


We need to gradually integrate into the world, but world deeply needs to know more about us! Under the development of Cyber-Physical Systems (Internet of Things (IOT) and the manufacturing platform), the development mode and trend of metal forming industry has become important research/study subject by global practitioner currently. 19th ICOSPA Congress will focus on the survival road, developing way, and global win-win practice in this great transformation.


It is no doubt that many elites, experts and excellent business operators in sheet metal processing industry around the world will be gathered in the Congress to exchange their latest experience, and understanding of the times. And the Congress will also concentrate present the latest achievements of the sheet metal processing key elements such as material, equipment, technology and the market.


The rich content will be arranged during the event, including Big Data (Cyber-physical Systems) and Sheet metal processing, Forming Process and Technology, Test & Inspection and Quality Assurance-Quality Control, Tooling Manufacturing (including CAD/CAM), Forming Process Simulation, Process Combination Technology, Environment Protection, High Efficiency Multi-function Equipment Developing and the Multi-angle Perspective of the sheet metal processing parts Market. The national report and professional review presented by distinguished persons from international sheet metal processing industry will display and discuss the latest technology development, change trends and problems in the current sheet metal processing industry. The plant tours and accompanying person activities have been arranged, and will be informed in the following announcements.


Date – September 19-22, 2017

Plant Tours – 2 Routines

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